Who Said Work Can’t Be Fun?

Who Said Work Can’t Be Fun?

Hire a company party DJ in Snohomish, WA

Are you in the market for a corporate DJ who’ll strike the perfect balance of professionalism and fun? Want to bring your company together for a party everybody’s sure to remember?

Don’t waste another minute— call PJ Parsons Presents today. PJ Parsons is a corporate DJ in Snohomish, Washington who’ll crank the music and set the right mood at your:

  • Company party
  • Company picnic
  • Corporate event
  • Corporate mixer
  • Team building event

Corporate Events Activities

PJ Parsons Presents offers an unforgettable event for your group, team or company.

Each event includes an incredibly talented DJ and Emcee who will facilitate your event, as well as furnish the sound equipment and game provisions to complete each activity.

You can choose the games and music genre, while we take care of the entertainment and hosting during your event to ensure that it is seamless and fun.

You can expect a high energy, fun, and amusing time with your peers and colleagues that will create lasting memories year after year.

Each activity will include a challenge, emcee, game instructions and music.

Choose a professional entertainer!

PJ Parsons has been a DJ for 15 years and a professional entertainer for over 25. In that time, she’s worked at hundreds of parties, hired by clients who know she’ll keep things lively while setting the right mood for every unique occasion.

And with loads of connections to local vendors and businesses, PJ Parsons is an invaluable resource for completing your party package!

Contact PJ Parsons Presents today to hire a corporate event DJ in Snohomish, WA!